Bloke gets arrested mid-dump after robbing a bus with a fake gun
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Funny Shit

Bloke gets arrested mid-dump after robbing a bus with a fake gun

From busting to busted.

A man who robbed a bus full of people with a fake gun was found and arrested by the cops while taking a dump. I guess he was better off full of shit. 

Saulo Esteban, the name of the crapping criminal, stuck up a bus in Mexico with the fraudulent firearm and walked off with eight cell phones. Police were tipped off electronically shortly after Sauro left the bus and managed to follow him using surveillance cameras. One picture the Mexican Police released to the public appears to show the crook holding his arse as he’s running down the street - perhaps early rumblings of his demise?

CCTV picture of man running holding his buttcheeks Credit: Mexico State Police

Not knowing he was being tracked, Saulo stopped off at the local shopping mall and decided to use the toilet - doodie calls. 

While sitting on the toilet - police busted him. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the cops also took photos of Saulo mid-dump. Those photos quickly went viral in Mexico even due to the similarities of him and an old Mexican legend.

man caught on toilet Credit: Mexico State Police

That urban legend is ‘The Tiger of Santa Julia’. A kind of Mexican Robin Hood, he was known for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Real name José de Jesús Negrete Medina, The Tiger killed two prison guards while escaping prison after being locked up for an assault. 

After news articles were written about him he became quite a popular figure, having a corrido (Mexican ballad) made for him and would even eventually have two movies made about him. 

Thus, a saying was born: “Don’t get caught like the Tiger of Santa Julia” which means don’t let someone walk in on you while you're on the toilet or doing anything embarrassing - especially if the cops are after you.