WATCH: Aussie battlers go viral after snake jumps out of bonnet on highway
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WATCH: Aussie battlers go viral after snake pops out of bonnet on highway

Ah, 'Straya.

Ah, ‘Straya. 

An Aussie couple got one hell of a fright earlier this week, when a green-tree snake popped out of their car bonnet while they were driving down a highway in New South Wales.

Kerry Jenkins was with her partner and child at the time, heading home from Darlington Beach, when the unexpected hitchhiker started to appear. 

In the video, the snake’s head pops out of the bonnet, to which Jenkins had the only appropriate response: “What the f*ck?”

The snake starts to aggressively try to wiggle its way out of the car, while the Aussie couple are heard having a typical Aussie bicker.

“Babe, you need to pull over,” Jenkins says to her partner. 

“There’s nowhere to f*cking pull over,” her partner replies.

It sounds like the couple are going through the motions of finding it funny, then shitting themselves, with a handful of f-bombs sprinkled in there. 

Towards the end of the video, the couple pull over and the snake disappears. Big yikes.

In a second video uploaded to TikTok, the couple are out of the car but the snake is still nowhere to be seen. 

The Aussie battlers left the car overnight and checked it again the next day, only to find that the snake was still in their bonnet, sitting on top of the motor.

“My partner dropped the bonnet afraid,” Kerry explained on TikTok, “I opened it back up and we could see his tail sliding back into a crevice.”

The video quickly went viral, and currently has over 38 million views on TikTok. 

Kerry posted another update this morning (December 7) saying the snake was last seen in their car yesterday. So it sounds like the car belongs to the snake now.