British lad gets sacked, calls bosses ‘c*nts’ on loud speaker in final customer announcement
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British lad gets sacked, calls bosses ‘c*nts’ on loud speaker in final customer announcement

He's now banned from all of the company’s establishments.

A British lad recently got sacked from his job, and did something that we’ve all been tempted to do on the way out.. 

18 year old Adam Powis was fired from his job at B&Q - a British DIY and renovation retailer similar to our Bunnings or Mitre 10 - because he was caught vaping outside the designated staff smokers area. 

On his way out after being sacked, Powis figured he’d let the bosses (and customers) have a piece of his mind by announcing on the loud speaker:

"This is a customer announcement. I just got sacked and B&Q are c*nts. F*ck everyone. Have a nice day."

Powis filmed himself making the announcement and uploaded the video to TikTok, which quickly went viral. The original TikTok has been deleted, but there’s still a few copies floating around the internet, have a watch below:

As reported by LadBible, Powis says that even though he was annoyed at the time, he now admits he ‘acted irrationally.’

"I made a mistake at work and then they took it further than they needed to so I was a bit annoyed. It wasn't anything serious. I didn't think I deserved it because people have done worse things and they've not been fired. I've seen other staff [vape outside the designated area] and that's why I was a bit baffled.

"I actually enjoyed the job. I was good at it and I was never late. I wouldn't even talk bad about the company but I felt I was treated differently."

Following the viral TikTok, Powis has now also been officially banned from all of the company’s establishments and he’ll be treated as a trespasser if he tries to enter any. 

But Powis doesn’t seem too phased about the ban, saying: "I'm not too bothered about the ban. I don't shop there on a regular basis. In future I might just have to get someone to go in for me."

Guessing he won't be getting a good reference from his old work any time soon..