NZ Promiscuity results
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Funny Shit

NZ revealed as second most horn-dog country in the world, and too right mate

Who could possibly top us?!

Well well well, what have we kiwis been up to? Staking our claim as the second most promiscuous country for 2023.

If ya don’t know, promiscuity is described as participating in sexual activity frequently and with different partners.

Promiscuous activities include one-night stands and having multiple fck-buds. These can vary between different countries, cultures, genders, sexual orientations etc. 

Clearly, we’ve been busy here in NZ, only just losing the top spot to Finland.

Top 10 Most Promiscuous Countries in the World (by SOI, 2005)
#1 Finland - 50.50
#2 New Zealand - 47.69
#3 Slovenia - 46.26
#4 Lithuania - 46.10
#5 Austria - 45.73
#6 Latvia - 43.93
#7 Croatia - 42.98
#8 Israel - 40.95
#9 Bolivia - 40.9
#10 Argentina - 40.74 used the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory (SOI) chart gathered in 2005 to measure a country's promiscuity⁠ per population.

Obviously, the data is from a fair few years ago, but according to World Population, the figures still stand true.

⁠A high SOI indicates a population non-monogamous “mating strategy”, and if a country has a lower SOI the population is more inclined to want to be tied down to one partner.


⁠Psychologist Dr David P. Schmitt gathered all of the personal information gathered from an extensive list of answers to form the SOI figure, this can be hard though as most of the data was self-reported by over 14,000 participants.

Once complete, the study revealed the countries with the most promiscuous sexual partnering and we, my friends are very close to topping that cake.

Here’s to 2023, having fun and staying protected, right?!