Study shows blokes with small penises are more likely to buy flashy sports cars
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Study shows blokes with small penises are more likely to buy flashy sports cars

Not sure what this means for Rog and his Mazda…

Apparently according to this study, the faster the car, the smaller the member. 

The new study, which was conducted by psychologists at University College London, has concluded that blokes with less-than-average penises are more likely to own high-performance sports cars.

“Is there any truth to the cliche that a man driving an expensive sports car is compensating for his male inadequacy?” the study, which was published last month, explores. 

The group of 200 men aged 18 to 74 were split into two groups - one group was told the average penis size worldwide is 7 inches, while the other group was told the average is 4 inches. 

The real worldwide average is actually roughly 5.5 inches. If you’re curious how large the average piece is in NZ compared to the rest of the world, have a look at the chart here. (I’m sorry to say we’re not even near the top of the list.)

Researchers found that the blokes who believed their wee fella was much smaller than average wanted the fancy cars more than the blokes who thought they were closer to average.

“Perhaps there is just something specific linking cars and penises in the male psyche,” the study states. “[It] would explain the existence of the phallic car trope in everyday jokes, advertisements and academic discourse.”

So next time you’re stuck behind a sports car wanker that won’t indicate, just remember that science has proven he probably has a small penis and give him the benefit of the doubt.