‘South Park’ creator’s 3yo kid swearing while voice acting is so good it's going viral again
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‘South Park’ creator’s 3yo kid swearing while voice acting is so good it's going viral again

Being three years old and your parents encouraging you to curse like that? Dream.

'South Park' is infamous for - depending on who you ask - being one of the funniest shows of all time or being one of the most offensive shows to ever air.

Show someone this clip of show co-creator Trey Parker getting his daughter to voice act for the show and gauge their reaction - it should tell you what they think of the show. 

In the clip, which is from 2016, Trey’s three-year-old starts off by saying “I love you too big brother,” which is cute. But then she says “you’re a fat bitch” and “suck my balls”. Which is cute AND hilarious, in my opinion. 

She’s voicing the character Ike Broflovski, the younger brother of Kyle Brovlovski - one of the four main troublemakers the show follows. The final product is shown at the end of the clip and the star voice actor can’t even tell it’s her voice. 

Comments on the video are loving it, with many people saying it’s an illustration of how close the father and daughter duo are. 

“I love both her parents letting her know it's okay and dad is having the time of his life,” said one person. 

“This will be such an everlasting memory for them,” another wrote. “You can tell how well she’s raised 'cause she was so shy to say the words but she had so much fun with her dad!”

“The fact that it's his child lets him enjoy the experience and despite the cussing, this is some really wholesome bonding and memories they're making,” a third added. 

Who would’ve thought we’d find such wholesome comments on a South Park video?

Currently, in its 26th season, 'South Park' is one of the most successful and long-running shows of all time, despite getting in trouble so often that there’s a long and detailed Wikipedia page dedicated to covering criticisms of the show, titled 'South Park Controversies'. 

The clip of Trey’s daughter is not discussed on the page.