Watch: Aussie woman confronts neighbour who pooed on her car after a big night out
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Funny Shit

Watch: Aussie woman confronts neighbour who pooed on her car after a big night out

She went viral after posting the confrontation.

You can usually count on any Australian story that we report about to be a bit crook, and this yarn is no different. In fact, on the crookness scale, this one is pretty up there. 

An Aussie woman has gone viral after she shared a video of her confronting her neighbour about shitting on her car the night before. 

You’ve probably got a lot of questions. Let me give you some answers. 

Victorian resident Amber woke up on Wednesday (March 22) to find someone had taken a dump on her blue Mazda 3. 

After checking her CCTV footage, Amber discovered it was allegedly her neighbour Larry - so she hosed off most of the poo, then headed to Larry’s to knock on his door. 

In a very polite confrontation considering the circumstances, the video begins with Amber walking up to the door, saying, “Hi, are you Larry?”

After Larry, whose face was not shown in the video, confirms his identity, Amber asks him, “did you have a big night last night?”

“Massive night, yeah,” Larry replies, probably absolutely packing it about what his neighbour is about to say. 

“I think you’ve gone to the toilet on my car"

“No way,” Larry simply replies.

“I’m not kidding,” Amber giggles. 

Amber leads Larry to her car, telling him she’s already cleaned most of it off, and reassuring him to not be embarrassed. She also tells him she checked the cameras to confirm that he was the poopitrator. 

“F*ck me, I’m so f*cking embarassed,” Larry says. 

“Don’t be embarrassed, I’ve had big nights too,” Amber replies.

While waking up to shit on your car is far from ideal, we reckon both Amber and Larry handled the shituation like legends. 

The TikTok went viral after being posted, but has since been taken down. Luckily though, we’ve tracked down a copy - have a watch of the hilarious confrontation above.