‘Big horn power’: Watch this bloke in a humble Isuzu tow a unit of a truck up steep Chch road
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‘Big horn power’: Watch this bloke in a humble Isuzu tow a unit of a truck up steep Chch road

Up the bloody big horn!

Kiwi comradery has come in the form of a bloke using his car to tow a much larger truck up a hill, all while it’s pissing down. 

A truck had broken down somewhere on a Christchurch mountain road, luckily Clowney Hipson (as he goes by on TikTok) had his trusty Isuzu Plaisir and some towing assets to save the day. 

“So went Christchurch Saturday and came across this truck stuck,” the Isuzu saviour wrote in the TikTok’s description. “Thought I’d try pull ‘em up the viaduct and didn’t actually think or know if I would, but got him there. Lucky, he was empty, but still - truck and trailer unit and wet road.”

The Isuzu and its “big horn power” works a treat, getting the truck moving and allowing the huge traffic jam behind it to start moving. 

Commenters on the TikTok are loving the Plaisir and its display of pure oompha. 

“Up the big horn,” one comment wrote. 

“Yooo!” another said. “That’s a bit of a flex towing a truck up a hill”. 

“Dude that’s gotta be one of the steepest roads in NZ,” a third added. “Best flex I’ve ever seen lol”. 

“That was my mate,” one more joked. "Thanks for pulling my mate off”. 

If you’re wondering where this vehicular miracle took place, it’s near the Otira Viaduct on Arthur’s Pass highway. Clowney was coming west from Greymouth when came across the stuck truck. 

Earlier this year some more towing action occurred, but this incident was more vigilante than it was generosity. 

An Aussie bloke took matters into his own hands when some guy parked his white sedan parked behind a four-wheel-drive in a Queensland boat ramp trailer bay, leaving the four-wheel-drive with “bugger all” room to get out. 

So, the bloke towed the sedan away and onto the road. Bob's ya towing uncle.