‘I threatened to go feral’: Wayne Brown goes rogue with wild rant at Auckland event
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‘I threatened to go feral’: Wayne Brown goes rogue with wild rant at Auckland event

"I've decided I'm going off the cuff here"

Controversial Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown is going viral after delivering an absolutely wild rant where he roasts loads of people, complains about road cones, and even says he’s ‘threatened to go feral’ before. 

Just letting ya know: we're not here to get political with you. We’ve got no clue what parts, if any, of his rant are true. We just wanted to share it with you because it’s wild and kind of funny, that’s all. 

Brown was speaking at NZME’s Project Auckland launch earlier this week. The NZ Herald posted snippets of his rant to their TikTok. 

Wayno had a mad one. I don’t know what ‘going feral’ will actually look like but I kind of want to see it. Perhaps he's referring to something similar to the feral dogs that came bounding over an Aussie bloke's fence one day, long ago. 

Brown also sought to clear up a controversy he was in earlier this year - when a text message from his group chat leaked. In the leak, Wayno is texting his fellas saying that he won’t be able to play tennis because he’s “got to deal with media drongos”. 

In this latest press conference, Brown says he only actually called one guy a drongo, not the whole media. That doesn’t exactly line up with the leaked screenshot unless he accidentally typed an ‘s’ in. 

In other, more in-left-field than out speech news, it turns out Patrick Gower himself gave a rousing pre-game speech to the All Blacks back in 2020. 

It was the Bledisloe test at Eden Park. Fresh off drawing with Australia, and having just come out of lockdown, the country was rearing for a win. In comes Paddy ‘The GOAT’ Gower. 

“Paddy said that we - as an All Black team - had the ability to finally give something back after a year that so many people in lockdown had stuff taken away from them," AB’s winger Caleb Clarke shared on The Project.