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This old Aussie bloke’s reaction to a fake Bunnings ‘cock-offs’ prank is bloody great

"My god! What?!"

Some young Aussie lads have decided to have a bit of fun by pranking an old bloke at a Bunnings - and his reactions are priceless.

A video posted to TikTok went viral recently, showing a young lad dressed in a Bunnings uniform walking up to an older bloke shopping at the hardware store. Note: The young bloke doesn't actually work at Bunnings. 

“How are you big balls?” the young buck says as he approaches the man, before asking him “you buying any tape measures today?”

The man says he isn’t buying any, but the young lad charges on and says “just be careful around the like 3 to 4 centimetre mark, there’s a few black markers because me and Rissole from the tool shop, we’ve been having cock offs.”

The older bloke, who's visually confused, asks the ‘Bunnings worker’ what a cock off is. 

“It’s when you get your cock out and you measure it against each other's cocks”

“Ya joking!” the older bloke replies. 

“My god! What?!” he continues. 

Later in the conversation, the older bloke says, “Oh I’m in a state of shock, that’s new. I spent 20 years in the f*cking army with blokes, never heard of such a thing!”

The old boy keeps questioning the prankster about the concept of a cock-off, cracking a laugh in disbelief, and the whole exchange makes for a pretty funny watch.

The original video was removed from TikTok, but we’ve tracked down the full YouTube video, which is from the account Misfit Minds.

Later in the video, the young blokes continue to prank others at Bunnings, before eventually being kicked out. 

Have a watch up top.