Richie McCaw was stumped by the dress code for the King’s coronation until he asked Google
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Richie McCaw was stumped by the dress code for the King’s coronation until he asked Google

Should've just rocked up in stubbies and a fleece mate.

Ol' mate Richie McCaw was living large with some of the planet's most powerful people at the King's coronation earlier this month. And he had no idea what he was going to wear to the historical event until he hopped on Google. 

Talking to the Daily Mail, the All Black great said that upon receiving what the requirements for his outfit were, he turned to the internet to help him understand it. 

“I got the dress code about ‘morning suits’,” he said. “I actually had to google what it meant.” 

He also thinks he’ll never get a morning suit on again, so didn’t actually buy one. Rather, he went with the reliable method of renting his outfit. 

“'I thought the chances of me wearing it again are pretty low so I just went out and hired one. An off-the-peg job. It's a bit easier to get suits now I've retired, a bit easier to find the right fit now I've lost a bit of weight."

“I was quite glad I did get a good suit because everyone else in the precession was in there with their regalia!”

In a classic bloke move, Richie told barely anyone he was actually going to the function. So when his mates were watching on TV back home, they probably freaked out a little. Classic. 

“People were probably watching their televisions and thinking, 'What the hell is he doing there?’” Richie joked. 

The 42-year-old reckons his grandparents, who would often talk about the monarchy, would not be able to fathom Richie’s presence at the coronation. 

“From my upbringing in the middle of New Zealand, my grandfather fought during the war and he always used to talk about the Monarchy. They would have been blown away to see me at the crowning of the King a generation later.”

Well, Richie, you’ve earnt it and done them proud for sure.