Tenacious D’s cover of ‘Wicked Games’ just dropped and the music vid is straight up glorious
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Tenacious D’s cover of ‘Wicked Games’ just dropped and the music vid is straight up glorious

In awe of the sheer beauty these men possess.

Tenacious D’s new music video confirms the fellas are locked in for long weekend mode. 

They cover the incredibly heartbreaking song ‘Wicked Games’ by Chris Isaak, but the footage of them with their kits out chasing each other in the shallow waters had me smiling and wishing I was there, frolicking along with them. It’s not possible to have negative feelings when watching those two do that, it’s just not. 

Commenters on the video are also loving it, just in awe of the sheer beauty of both the sights and the sounds.

“The vocals mixed with lads living life to the fullest is a beautiful sight to behold,” one person wrote. “Excellent work.”

“The art direction and cinematography in this video are nothing short of breathtaking,” said another. “As always, The D have elevated the game. Skadoosh!”

“This is the level of happiness we should all try to achieve,” a third added. “Two bros just hanging out. Rock on.”

“Excellent rendition,” one more wrote. “Vocals, calm and decisive. Guitar, alluring and frank. Video, recorded and lit. A masterpiece.”

The cover comes just two weeks after Tenacious D released a new track. 

The new song is a musical tribute to video games, appropriately titled ‘Video Games,’ and comes with an insanely impressive gaming-themed animated music video.

The video reimagines the rock duo as cartoons featuring in different video games like God Of War, Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, Sonic, Street Fighter and Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Throughout the song, Jack Black sings about the fact that he doesn’t like video games and that he never has time to play them, with pretty much every other line declaring he does in fact like them. 

Noone’s doing it like the Tenacious D boys.