WATCH: Naked bloke in wheelchair streaks during top Kiwi soccer match and it's glorious
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WATCH: Naked bloke in wheelchair streaks during top Kiwi soccer match and it's glorious

Now that's a streaker.

In beautiful defiance of the limitations we set ourselves, a bloke in a wheelchair stormed the field, butt naked, during a soccer match in New Zealand’s top club competition. 

Auckland City FC was in the process of trouncing Bucklands Beach AFC during their Chatham Cup matchup when the game was interrupted by a couple of pitch invaders.

Both streakers were in their birthday suits, but one stole the spotlight due to being in a wheelchair while traversing the pitch. 

The footage was posted to the r/Soccer subreddit, where it was adored by quite a few of the 4 million plus subscribers that peruse it. 

“I don’t support streakers but when you get on there with a fucking wheelchair, it’s objectively funny,” one commenter wrote. 

“Great Kiwi content,” said another. “Doesn’t happen much round these parts but when it does it’s glorious.”

“He must be in a wheelchair cause his balls are too fucking heavy for his legs to carry,” a third added. 

As mentioned before, the game was an absolute blowout with Auckland defeating Bucklands Beach by nine goals to zero. So, Bucklands might be loving that the streaker is taking the attention away from the result, or hating that more eyeballs are now on the match thanks to the wheelchair pitch invader. 

Chatham Cup is a knockout competition, so Bucklands last memory of their 2023 run will forever involve a naked dude in a wheelchair... which is a positive right?

Kiwi pitch invaders have run back into the public light in 2023. Most notably when a reported 20+ streakers attempted to storm the field during the NZ Warriors' first-ever match at Napier’s McLean Park. 

TikTok videos show a hectic amount of people storming the field throughout the match. At times, multiple people would try to run onto McLean Park at once, leaving security scrambling. 

Twenty-plus fully clothed able-bodied streakers is more excessive than it is fun. A solitary naked bloke in a wheelchair is what pitch invading should be about.