Here's three wild yarns that prove Ozzy Osbourne was an absolute menace on tour
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Here's three wild yarns that prove Ozzy Osbourne was an absolute menace on tour

His bandmate Geezer Butler has revealed some outlandish yarns from their touring days.

It’s no secret that Ozzy Osbourne has always been an absolute maddog, and now his Black Sabbath bandmate Geezer Butler has revealed a string of outrageous stories about Ozzy in his book, ‘Into the Void - From Birth to Black Sabbath and Beyond.’ 

Have a geeze(r) at a few of Ozzy’s tales of tour mayhem below.

1. Ozzy once got so high on drugs he thought he was swimming in the sea when he was still on the beach.

The Black Sabbath frontman, 74, whose battle with drink and drug addiction started in the 1970s, had the psychedelic experience when he swallowed pills with Geezer Butler, 73, on a break from recording one of their albums.

Geezer said in his memoir: “A girl called Carol offered me and Ozzy something called psilocybin. We, of course, accepted.

“I was seeing skeletons. Ozzy thought he was swimming in the sea but was flailing away in the sand, like a stranded turtle.”

2. Ozzy’s party trick used to be to “defecate at will.”

Geezer said he found out about Ozzy’s ‘skill’ early in their career after a promoter refused to give them their full fee for a gig.

He revealed: “As we were loading our gear into the van, Ozzy pulled down his pants, crouched on the bonnet of the promoter's Jaguar and left one of his trademark calling cards.

“He did a great big turd on the bonnet, at will, and then we scarpered.

“He refined his talent as the years went by. On future American tours he’d s*** in hotel ice machines.”

3. Ozzy’s smelly sock curry.

Another of Geezer’s stomach-churning stories about Ozzy in his autobiography was that the singer served his Black Sabbath bandmates curry with his smelly socks in the pot.

He said: “Ozzy’s signature dish was curry. One time, we were eating dinner and (drummer) Bill (Ward) suddenly pushed his plate away and started retching.

“Ozzy had taken one of his filthy, sweaty socks off, put it on Bill’s plate, covered it in rice and poured curry over the top.

“Bill could quite easily have been the first person in history to be killed by sock poisoning because Ozzy didn’t change his very often.”


Let’s also not forget about the yarn behind why Ozzy stopped taking psychedelics - last year, he revealed he stopped after an hour-long conversation with a horse. 

According to Ozzy, the horse told him to “f*ck off,” and he hasn’t touched acid since. 

Long live the Prince of Darkness!

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