If Rock 2000 songs played on other radio stations
I wonder what it would be like....
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If Rock 2000 songs played on other radio stations

Hmmm I wonder what it would sound like....

It goes without saying that The Rock 2000 is a beast and without a doubt, the biggest event on the radio calendar across the country.

Obviously we play these great rock songs all year round, and thousands of you vote for them each year....but where's the love from other commercial radio stations?

Yeah yeah we get it, they target different audiences and play different genres of music, blah blah blah.. But....what if they didn't? (and what if I got to the point of the story quicker instead of padding for time?)

We kind-of-definitely stitched up our fellow friends and colleagues at our brother and sister stations - The Edge, George FM, Mai FM, More FM and The Breeze - to see what it would look and sound like if they played some iconic tunes from The Rock 2000. From Pantera to Black Sabbath to System of a Down, we played them all - and they all looked right at home.

You could argue we made the stations even better. You could argue our humour is juvenile and immature. Either way, you would be right.

Enjoy, and Robert Rakete if you're reading this - get your Rock 2000 votes in for Pantera 'Walk' before midnight Sunday 6th August (when Rock 2000 voting closes).