WATCH: Rugby lad goes viral for hectic wipeout while playing office VR cricket
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WATCH: Rugby lad goes viral for hectic wipeout while playing office VR cricket

There was never a run there mate.

Looking like a dick is easy when playing any VR game, a lesson this British rugby bloke learned the hard way. 

Coaching staff of the professional English rugby club the Northampton Saints came up with the incredible idea of playing virtual reality cricket in an office full of furniture. 

One man decided to hike his shorts halfway up his torso, wrap the VR goggles around his peepers and take the virtual crease. His reasoning? A bad case of “Ashes fever in the coaches’ office,” according to the team’s Instagram. 

The form on his cover drive is immaculate, unlike the shorts, which many commenters reckon are far worse than running full speed into a desk. 

“What collars size are those shorts?” asked one person, with another being more interested in the “chest size”. 

“Shins surely took a battering or even the knees,” said another. 

“NOOOOOO RUNNNNNN!” a third added. 


Speaking of ‘why are you doing that cricket-related thing in the office?’, we had quite the doozy earlier in the year. 

We won’t lie, there are some f**king weird ideas coming from The Morning Rumble lately, the latest being a new segment called ‘Can Rog Fit?

The segment entails, you guessed it, seeing if Rog can fit into different small items.

We kicked off the segment by seeing if Rog would fit into a cricket bag. But before he tried to fit in the bag, he of course had to strip down into his undies. Not really sure what the point of that was.

But as it turns out, Rog can actually fit into a cricket bag! He did find it a lot easier getting in than he did getting out of it.

Didn’t think you’d be watching two-office cricket misadventures today did ya?