WATCH: Security guard puts massive hit on football fan who storms the field
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Funny Shit

WATCH: Security guard puts massive hit on football fan who storms the field

Pitch invaders have to expect it at this point...

It’s been a tough few days for pitch invaders as yet another one got absolutely demolished.

Just days after Sam Cane kicked someone who stormed the field during the All Blacks’ game vs Argentina, a security guard in the US absolutely folded a pitch invader. It happened during an international football match between the United States and Canada. 

US wins the penalty shootout to win the game and move on to the semi-finals of the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Football Association (CONCACAF) Gold Cup.

The invader, donning a Guatemala jersey for some reason, runs in to celebrate with the US team. He gets in the huddle before the security guard comes from out of nowhere to provide a quality boomfa.

That wasn’t the only bit of rah-rah that happened on the night. As the two teams were heading into their locker rooms after the match, a bit of an altercation went down. 

Footage shows a bit of ‘hold me back bro’ going down after some initial shit-talking and shoving. According to Spanish outlet Marca, it was the Americans who started it all by “taunting” the Canadian players. 

It has been a YEAR for fans storming the field. When the Warriors played in Napier for the first time ever in March, one fan told Newshub they counted 26 pitch invaders throughout the night. 

TikTok videos back the fan up, with loads of people storming McLean park. At times, multiple people would try to run onto the stadium at once, leaving security scrambling. 

The Warriors ended up losing to the Brisbane Broncos 26 - 22 with captain Tohu Harris saying the constant interruptions caused by pitch invaders were a pain. 

It’s a fucking great laugh in theory but invading the pitch must be an absolute nuisance for players. Imagine you’re trying to do your job and some stranger just starts running around your office screaming their head off. 

If you are gonna do it, you can’t be mad if you get folded like a lawn chair.