‘I feel terrible’: Kanoa Lloyd says ‘come box’ live on air in incredible blooper on The Project
Funny Shit
Funny Shit

‘I feel terrible’: Kanoa Lloyd says ‘come box’ live on air in incredible blooper on The Project

And king of the news Paddy G was there to bask in it.

Last night, The Project fans got treated to unintentional dirty talk and an incredible news blooper. 

Reporting on the return of fan-favourite flavours to Roses chocolate boxes, Kanoa tried to say “comeback” but failed epically. 

“Ditched back in 2018, strawberry cream, orange cream and peppermint cream are making a come box,” she said, immediately laughing (and repeating it). 

When it comes to building on a blooper, that night The Project had the comedic equivalent of the 2015 All Blacks lined up with Kanoa: Guy Williams and Paddy Gower. 

“‘Come back’ is the term,” Paddy G said. “All good. It's not a nightmare. We’re actually on live TV”. 

“Nice!” shouted Guy sarcastically. “The show is going well. Everything’s going well. You know things are going bad when the people in the production office cut to me to steady the ship.”

“I’m not gonna steady the ship. I’m going to make things worse. I’m gonna put flames on the fire.”

“I feel terrible,” Kanoa said after a few deep breaths. “The old chocolates that left the box in 2018 are coming back.”

She took it like a champ and carried on despite the ribbing from co-workers. It's all good Kanoa, we love you even more for that fumble. 

There's been some incredible television this year. Like when Matty McLean had his own blooper earlier this year. 

It was an instant classic news blooper, complete with an f-bomb, a panicking producer, and a smooth yet fearful transition into news mode. The scene opens on TV1’s ‘Breakfast’ with Matty standing up, back to the camera, fiddling around with his microphone pack (I hope) before saying: “Ah f*ck, my thing’s fallen out.”

That queues someone in the background to scream at Matty that he is on live television being broadcasted across the nation. That whips him into news presenter shape. 

Two great news bloops in the space of four months is the stuff of dreams. New Zealand news media is back baby.