'The Boys' actor Antony Starr's F-bomb-loaded stunt blooper is the most Kiwi thing in Hollywood
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Funny Shit

'The Boys' actor Antony Starr's F-bomb-loaded stunt blooper is the most Kiwi thing in Hollywood

Old mate sounds like he just caught his pinky toe on the edge of the couch.

NZ'S own Antony Starr may play one of the most villainous villains in all of TV villain history, but it turns out he has one weakness: Heights.

Behind-the-scenes footage of Starr as his character 'Homelander' rising into the air on a harness has gone viral because the actor drops a Tarantino-esque amount of ‘fucks’ in 20 seconds. 

“Fuck off, fuck off, ahh fuck my life,” Starr says as he just keeps on going up and up and up. He drops a few different swear words for good measure too. 

The stunt is from the set of the season one finale of the TV show ‘Gen V’, which is a spinoff of 'The Boys'. It’s racked up over six million views on TikTok and one million likes. 

Way too many comments are freaking out because they think they hear an Aussie accent, but there are a few pointing out that it’s a very Kiwi reaction. 

“Sounds like an average, everyday conversation in New Zealand,” wrote one person. 

“Well, you can definitely tell he’s Australian now,” said another, receiving thirty replies correcting them in varying levels of niceness. 

“As a New Zealander reading the comments is giving me heart problems,” a third added. 

“Me when I didn’t pass NCEA level two,” one more wrote. 

Antony Starr’s career arc is a truly great story of Kiwi acting triumph. Old mate started where all great NZ actors do: The wings of Shortland Street Hospital. From there, he moved to 'Outrageous Fortune', playing not one but two characters, twins Van and Jethro West. 

Now, he’s starring (pun intended) in one of the most outrageous and beloved modern TV shows alongside fellow countryman Karl Urban. 

Starr’s career is certainly at a high point, but don’t tell him that, he may start freaking out.