WATCH: Fellas cover RHCP’s ‘Can’t Stop’ using nothing but beer bottles
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WATCH: Fellas cover RHCP’s ‘Can’t Stop’ using nothing but beer bottles

“Just a bunch of guys being dudes."

Real music knows no limits and a group of lads have proven that in historic fashion. 

Footage of four fellas using beer bottles to play the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ smash tune ‘Can’t Stop’ has gone viral. Posted to Instagram by one of the band's fan pages, the video shows them blowing on bottles and smacking the table to the beat of the track. 

“Dumb 2 AM antics,” the caption reads (more like genius antics). 

Commenters are pointing out that this is a lad's activity if they’ve ever seen one, with some even expressing their jealousy they don’t have mates like this. 

“Men will see this and say: ‘Hell yeah’,” one person wrote. 

“Just a bunch of guys being dudes,” said another

“‘Can’t Stop’ drinking,” a third joked.

“I wish I had friends who would get this,” one more wrote. “I need to send this to someone.”

This isn’t the first time an impressive feat using a shit ton of beers has gone viral. Earlier this year, a video of waitress Verena Angermeimer was posted to TikTok, showing her organising, stacking and carrying 13 steins of beer with ease at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. 

Verena clearly has her technique down pat. As the bartender slides her beers, she organises the steins into two circles of six, before steadily stacking the 12 beers on top of each other.

She then manages to find space for one more stein down the middle, before walking off with her hands full of 13 beers and a huge grin on her face.

We’ve done the math - one stein is roughly 2.25 kg - which means Verena is carrying around just under 30kgs worth of beer, all while making it look easy. I’m certainly impressed.

I smell a team-up between Verena and the fellas in the future. I don’t know what exactly it will entail, but beers will be needed.