WATCH: Members of major US band get in hectic on-stage scrap at end of ‘nightmare’ Aussie gig
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Funny Shit

WATCH: Members of major US band get in hectic on-stage scrap at end of ‘nightmare’ Aussie gig

That is indeed a guitar being used as a weapon.

Aussie fans of the US band Brian Jonestown Massacre were deprived of a great musical performance, instead, they got front-row seats to a good ol’ fashioned scrap. 

Footage of the rumble session at the band’s Melbourne gig has surfaced online. The brawl was between band founder Anton Newcombe and guitarist Ryan Van Kriedt. 

In between songs, the two got into a strange exchange of words that ended with Newcombe telling Van Kriedt: “Put down the guitar… we actually don’t need you.”

About 55 seconds into the below video, Newcombe walks to the back of the stage, Van Kriedt follows him and next thing you know, Newcombe hits the guitarist in the face with a guitar. 

Evidenced by one crowd member saying they “knew it would happen”, the whole night was a shitshow even before the fight.

“It was a nightmare,” someone wrote on social media, as reported by Newshub. “Two hours on stage of just constant abuse and bickering, we only got two songs.”

“The lead singer basically ranted for 50 per cent of the gig,” said another, “primarily calling the audience c***s and continued to mouth off at one of the guitarists.”

“Anton lost his voice but was also yelling and insulting the crowd the whole time,” a third added. 

The band cancelled the rest of their Aussie tour. Good call. 

This isn’t the first time this year a band has been caught scrapping. In May, a couple of Crazy Town bandmates were filmed going to crazy town on each other after their own absolute shitshow of a concert. 

Seth Binzer AKA Shifty Shellshock and Bobby Reeves, both co-vocalists for the rap rock band, got the fisticuffs out at their show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The inter-band beef began because Binzer blew off his band’s gig, only showing up to the concert near the very end of the show.

Beautifully, both Brian Jonestown Massacre and Crazy Town have perfect names for getting in scraps.