UDPATE: The boys have returned from Mauritius and were unsuccessful in their mission.

However, DAY 1 did provide an item of interest what appeared to be a man made object was seen on the under water video technology but were hampered due to weather conditions. So unfortunately, the mystery remains unsolved. 

 We're proud of the boys and all their efforts. 

Not sure what this is all about?

Back in 2014, Flight MH370 took off from Malaysia, heading for China but never arrived.  

Four years later, it’s now largely considered the biggest mystery in aviation history.

Thane & Dunc have avidly followed the MH370 search efforts with their daily segment 'Plane Watch'.

A man named Peter McMahon made media headlines earlier this year with a theory that the plane was hiding off the coast line of Mauritius.

Although McMahon's theory has been debunked by several organisations, Thane and Dunc don't want to leave any stone unturned in their search for the plane. 

Debris from the plane has been found close to Mauritus and the surrounding islands, including Madagascar, and the boys believe if you don't look, you will never know for certain.

So, Thane and Dunc contacted McMahon, who sent them the coordinates where he believes the plane is hiding.

Then they a started a Give-a-Little page and raised $35,000 to fly to Mauritius and find out for themselves, with their own unofficial search party. 

The boys search efforts have made international headlines.

Read the Stuff article here. And a Daily Mail story here

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Good luck boys and stay safe out there! 


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