Metallica perform with Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards

Metallica 13/02/2017

We never thought we'd say this, but Lady Gaga didn't seem too out of place performing with Metallica.

The unusual collab appeared onstage at the 2017 Grammy Awards to perform Metallica's single 'Moth Into Flame'-  and it was actually pretty good... when we could actually hear it.

Unfortunately technical difficulties struck, causing James Hetfield's mic to fail for the first verse of the song. As always, James managed to own it; sharing a mic with Gaga, then smashing it out on his own when shit got sorted. Judging from his guitar throwing action at the end of the performance, we reckon James is a little pissed about it...

Seems like a pretty shaky night for rock music - earlier in the evening, Megadeth accepted the award for 'Best Metal Performance' while Metallica's song 'Master of Puppets' played out. Awkward.

What's even more awkward is the fact that when presenter Laverne Cox went to introduce the performance, she only mentioned Lady Gaga, and not Metallica. C'mon, Grammys...