'I hate their guts' - Slayer's Gary Holt on Jenners and Kardashians

News 13/07/2017

By Daniel Rutledge | Newshub

Slayer guitarist Gary Holt has hit out at Kendall and Kylie Jenner after their recent T-shirt scandal, saying of them and the entire Kardashian clan: "I hate their guts".

The thrash metal icon, who is also the main songwriter for Exodus, caused a stir a few years ago by wearing a 'Kill the Kardashians' T-shirt on-stage in response to Kendall being photographed in a Slayer T-shirt.

Recently, Kendall and Kylie had to cancel a clothing line that featured their faces plastered over classic music T-shirts from the likes of Metallica, Notorious B.I.G., Pink Floyd, the Doors, Ozzy Osbourne, Tupac and Kiss.

Holt then doubled down on his harsh words for the Jenners and Kardashians in a recent interview with Swedish rock magazine RockSverige, saying he has a "deep, bitter, black hatred of them".

"It's like... I don't begrudge them for their money, I just f**king hate people that are becoming superstars for doing nothing. Kim Kardashian was a closet organiser and then she did a sex tape and became famous for it and now they stick their name on products and I hate their guts," says Holt.

He says he hasn't worn the 'Kill the Kardashians' T-shirt for a while, but is considering bringing it back or making new ones that single out individual family members.

"Maybe I'll have to get a little more personal? Like, I left Bruce Jenner alone because I'm all for sexual identity freedom and someone said 'You should do one like that!' and I said no because I have nothing against the trans community or gay and lesbian people," he says.

Holt adds that he was tempted to target Caitlyn Jenner after she voted for Donald Trump, who went on to "take away" trans rights, but ultimately decided against it.

"But yeah, I left him alone. The rest of the family and Kanye West are fodder enough. [I] f**king hate their guts."

Holt is currently on the road with Slayer, who are touring with Lamb of God and Behemoth.