New Jimi Hendrix album 'Both Sides of the Sky' with unreleased songs coming next year

Jimi Hendrix 14/12/2017

A new studio album titled 'Both Sides of the Sky' will be released on 9th March 2018.

The album will be released as the final volume of a trilogy after almost 5 decades since the legend has passed away at the age of 27, following the releases of 'Valley of Neptune' in 2010 and 'People, Hell and Angels' in 2013.

The new album feature songs that were recorded between January 1968 - February 1970 with both Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Band of Gypsys, Hendrix's trio with Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. Stephen Stills will also be a guest appearance on the songs "$20 Fine" and "Woodstock".

Check out one of the featured tracks on the album:

The recording engineer who worked on every Hendrix album ever made while Hendrix was still around, Eddie Kramer has said in an interview that Hedrix had "a very experimental year" in 1969 and he was blown away as he worked on the new album.

It was amazing just to watch him in the studio or live. The brain kicks off the thought process — it goes through his brain through his heart and through his hands and onto the guitar, and it’s a seamless process, - Kramer

The album was produced alongside with John McDermott and Janie Hendrix, president of Experience Hendrix and sister of Jimi Hendrix.

"We have a growing commitment to preserve the legacy of Jimi and also to continue to give the worldwide family of Jimi fans quality releases. That's what 'Both Sides Of The Sky' reflects… our ongoing commitment," says Janie.

Janie commented that Jimi and her have once made a promise that they would take care of each other. She believes that they honor each other through his music and their preservation of his work.

We are now in our third decade of watching over Jimi's creative works and our resolve to maintain the integrity of what he left us has only grown stronger with time. - Janie Hendrix

Both Sides of the Sky tracklist:

  1. Mannish Boy*
  2. Lover Man*
  3. Hear My Train A Comin’*
  4. Stepping Stone*
  5. $20 Fine*+
  6. Power Of Soul^
  7. Jungle*
  8. Things I Used to Do#
  9. Georgia Blues++
  10. Sweet Angel*
  11. Woodstock*+
  12. Send My Love To Linda*
  13. Cherokee Mist*

*Previously unreleased
^ Previously unavailable extended version
+Featuring Stephen Stills
#Featuring Johnny Winter
++Featuring Lonnie Youngblood