Some monster put 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in the wrong key, turning it into a pop anthem that can't be unheard

Nirvana 08/01/2018

No one would ever call Nirvana's smash hit 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' an uplifiting Summer hit...

Yes, granted, it was so popular Kurt Cobain refused to play it after 1994, stating: "There are many other songs that I have written that are as good, if not better," 

But despite it's popularity in the charts... It's in F minor. It ain't no Backstreet Boys.

That is until Vimeo User 'Sleep Good' took the 90's angst anthem and put it in a major key - flipping the song into a track that sounds like candy floss and sunshine. 

Nirvana... could have been a great pop band?


Listen to it below. It's actually not a bad song, technically - but be warned, it can't be unheard.