WATCH: Decades' new music video for their track 'The Truth'

Kiwi Rock Soundcheck 03/04/2018

‘The Truth’ is the namesake of Decades' debut album, and is a crowd favourite at shows, no doubt when they perform at Homegrown this weekend.

Emotionally charged, it tells the story from the perspective of a lover who is suspicious of infidelity in their relationship, desperate to make things right again.

Set against a disco beat, this is a song of pain that will make you want to dance. The accompanying video is a war-paint kaleidoscope of a metaphor for the track, featuring Emma and Liam dressed ridiculously in lycra jumpsuits and shooting paint at a group of invisible dancers to reveal their 'truth.' The video shows that whileDecades take their music seriously, they're also not afraid to make fun of themselves.