After a nine year hiatus, Rammstein are back in the studio

music news 17/04/2018

Rammstein's comeback is imminent. The German metal heads haven't given us anything new since 2009's ‘Liebe Ist Für Alle Da'. Now, the six-member band have posted pics of them working in studio to their social media with the caption: "Work in progress!" 

Band members previously confirmed they'd started working on their seventh album back in 2015. Now, shit's actually heating up. 

However, guitarist Richard Kruspe told Resurrection Fest last year, that the seventh album could be the last. 

“That’s a feeling — I can be wrong, but just at the moment, I feel like this is maybe the last [shot at making an album] we have, and I wanna give two hundred percent in that and make it as good as it can be,” he said.

“When I listen to the stuff, there’s so much potential, and I’m very pleased about what we do at the moment. So I’m looking really forward to start recording maybe next year.”