Historical Kurt Cobain exhibit burnt to the ground in his home town

Kurt Cobain 13/06/2018

Aberdeen, Kurt Cobain's hometown in Washington, US has had a rough couple of days, following their museum lighting up in flames over the weekend. 

The blaze took down all the content and history inside the museum, including a special exhibit on the one and only Kurt Cobain.  

Fortunately nobody was hurt, but a devastatingly loss for the rock community and Aberdeen.

“People have come from around the world to see what we had on Nirvana,” explained museum curator Dave Morris to King 5 News. “Then we when they saw the rest of the history they were impressed. There’s more to Aberdeen than just Kurt Cobain.”

“This fire is history, so it will be in the record books. And we’re going to rebuild and move on, and keep the history preserved. That’s my job.”

It's not clear what caused this fire or exactly what Cobain-related items have been lost - but reportedly most of the museum was centred around the late legend, with a heap of new pieces commissioned last year, for his 50th birthday. 

Sad day for grunge. And a huge loss for Cobain fans, friends and family alike.