There's a new Hellyeah album on its way and Vinnie Paul will feature as the drummer posthumously

music news 29/06/2018

Vinnie Paul, the former drummer of Pantera, and more recently Hellyeah unfortunately passed away in his sleep last week aged 54. 

His bandmate, bassist Kyle Sanders, discussed the death with Jose Mangin in a recent interview, saying Vinnie finished recording his drums for the next Hellyeah album shortly before his death.

"We're in the middle of huge things right now. This is the last thing you expect to hear. We're in the studio right now, man. We're doing a record, [this is] everything that Vinnie lives for. It's devastating, man" he said.

"The music that I'm sitting on right now, it makes me so happy to hear it, to have all the music done. We're doing vocals now, we're like 75 percent done with this record. [The] tour's starting in September, all these festivals [are booked]. We just were on the phone with Vinnie talking about the game plan."

Sanders mentions he and Paul always oversaw the routing of the bands tours, and had just spoken about it the previous week before his death: 

"We just did [that] last week, looking over the whole run, everything we were supposed to do in September. Immediately after solidifying the routing, we look at the venues where we know we can barbecue. We were already planning the menus! That's almost as exciting as planning the shows! He lived for that!"

Sanders looked up to Vinnie Paul for years before joining the band, and was blown away by his drumming talent. The bassist is extremely proud to be able to release music with Paul one last time:

"Playing bass with that drummer, being the foundation with him in this band, I'm so satisfied with what we've done together. And what we just did on this whole record together. I couldn't be more proud."

Check out Bryce's tribute to Vinnie below: