WATCH: Arctic Monkeys cover The Strokes' 'Is This It' and nail it

Music 27/07/2018

British legends Arctic Monkeys performed at Forest Hills Stadium in New York this week, featuring one very special cover - The Strokes' 'Is This It?'. 

And it was perfect.

Alex Turner has had a long running fandom for The Strokes, saying back in 2011: “I remember I used to play that first album in college all the time, when our band was first starting,”

“Loads of people were into them, so loads of bands coming out sounded like them. And I remember consciously trying not to sound like the Strokes, deliberately taking bits out of songs that sounded too much like them, but I still loved that album.”

This isn't the first time Arctic Monkeys have covered the band, previously taking on their singles 'Take It Or Leave It' as well as 'Reptilia'.

Have a listen to the most recent cover above. What do you reckon?