WATCH: Travis Pastrana just nailed three of Evel Knievel's most iconic stunts

News 09/07/2018

Today, during a Las Vegas tribute show for the legendary Evil Knievel, Nitro Circus' Travis Pastrana took on three of Knievel's most iconic jumps and absolutely killed it. 

Watch Knievel's OG jumps and Pastrana's re-enactments abelow:

JUMP 1 - 52 CARS:

JUMP 2 - 16 BUSES: 

Pastrana's final jump today, is probably Knievel most famous (or infamous) when he attempted to jump the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on NYE in 1967. It did not go well for Knievel... Check out how it went for Pastrana. 

How bloody good!? 

Travis Pastrana; the purest living form of a mad dog.