Chester Bennington and Lamb Of God side project set to be released

music news 29/10/2018

Chester Bennington teamed up with Lamb of God's guitarist Mark Morton for a little-known side project just before his tragic passing. 

A fan recently hit up Mark Morton about the project, to which the guitarist responded, "Chester and I made some really cool music together that we were both SUPER stoked about. And you will hear it!"

We first learned about the collab just three months before the singer died. In April 2017, Morton and Chester both took to their social media accounts to discuss it. Chester posted lyrics to his Instragram, which have since been deleted.

The projects sound and style remain a mystery.  Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Gojira) was also involved in the studio sessions but that's about all we do know.

Regardless, we're stoked to hear we'll get to wrap our ears around some new Chester tunes at some stage.