The Foo Fighters invite 10-year-old grasshopper to the stage for a bad ass Metallica cover

Foo Fighters 15/10/2018

Dave Grohl brought a 10-year-old on to the Foo Fighters stage during a Kansas City gig on Friday (Oct 12). The kid wanted to cover Metallica, confidently assuring Grohl he knew "a lot of Metallica songs", and so the band smashed out a cover of 'Enter Sandman', with the kid absolutely slaying the guitar. 

Grohl took some inspiration from Hetfield's gravelly vocal style, and sung the first verse and chorus before admitting that's all he knew. But the kid, Collier, had plenty more Metallica to give - jamming out to sections of "Welcome Home" and "Whenever I Roam". 

Grohl was so impressed he gave Collier his guitar. 

Watch the Foo's jam out to Metallica with the wunderkid above.