WATCH: Anthony Kiedis kicked out of Lakers game after fight broke out on the court

Red Hot Chili Peppers 23/10/2018

The Red Hot Chili Pepper's frontman got all red and hot on the bball court this weekend... 

Anthony Kiedis is a passionate L.A. local that can't get enough of the Lakers. Eager to see the legendary LeBron Jame's first game playing for the boys, Kiedis was among the crowd at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets game over the weekend. However, Kiedis was asked to leave before the game had wrapped. 

Why? Well, the two teams got into a spot of fisticuffs. And Kiedis has never been one for standing back...  

First the Lakers wing player Brandon Ingram and ol' mate James Harden from The Rockers were in a shoving standoff. Then Rockets guard Chris Paul and Lakers guard Rajon Rondo were smacking eachother around. THEN Ingram let his fists fly when he saw Paul and Rondo going for eachother. 


All three players have since been suspended.  

While this was all going down, Kiedis wasn't shy of vocalising his hate towards the Rocket's Chris Paul. The Chili's singer actually got up and approached Paul as he was leaving the court, presumably to give him a piece of his mind. 

In the video above you can see security pushing Kiedis back and then Kiedis flipping the bird at a Rocket's staffer. 
Another tweet, below, shows Kiedis getting escorted out of the building.

Californication, bruh.