A Green Day reference has landed on Mars, thanks to NASA's 'Insight'

music news 30/11/2018

Green Day are officially in space, specifically on Mars. Not literally of course, but the band's name has touched down on Mars this week thanks to NASA's InSight Lander. 

A microchip etched with the phrase 'Green Day since 1986' was included in the lander, referencing the year the punk trio formed by pals Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt (they were called Sweet Children then). 

Green Day posted on their Twitter feed announcing the landing:

A NASA spokesperson explanined there were two chips included on the InSight Lander, which carried the names of more than 24 million people. So Green Day aren't quite unique, but still pretty bloody cool to have the rock legends' name up there in the big wide universe. 

This was thanks to a public outreach campaign to help people be aware of the mission: "Each person who submitted a name could then download and print a 'boarding pass' with their name on it." Other famous names who participated were Star Trek legend William Shatner, as well as Matt Damon.