Mother of teen who inspired Pearl Jam's 'Jeremy' publicly opens up about her son's suicide

Pearl Jam 05/11/2018

For the first time since Jeremy's death in 1991, Wanda Crane, Jeremy Delle's mother has spoken out about her son, who inspired a Pearl Jam anthem.

'Jeremy', the third single from Pearl Jam's iconic Ten, is a song about a 15-year-old Texas kid named Jeremy Delle who shot himself in the head in front of his English class back in 1991. Eddie Veder read the story in the newspapers and immortalised Jeremy Delle forever in song.

However Wanda wants to be clear there was more to her son than a suicide. 

“That day that he died did not define his life,” she tells WFAA in the video above.

He was a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a grandson. He was a friend. He was talented. 

Crane touched on the horrific recent influx of school shootings in America. 

"I think of what will be said or what opinions will be thought about the student. But it's the mothers and sisters that I want to wrap my arms around and tell them someday it'll be better."

Eddie Vedder never contacted the family or Jeremy's friends before releasing the song. 

One of Jeremy's classamates, Britanny King has previously spoken out, sounding somewhat resentful towards Pearl Jam; "I thought, 'You don’t know. You weren’t there. That story isn’t accurate.'”

Vedder has also previously spoke about his decision to not research the story further than the newspaper article: "When I went to write about it, I thought of actually getting a hold of what the actual person it was written about, but then I thought that would be intruding."

Watch the full interview with Wanda Crane above.