AC/DC will 'absolutely' tour again with Brian Johnson, 2019 tour poster leaked online

AC DC 16/04/2019

Source close to AC/DC confirms the band will hit the road again

After months of rumours surrounding Rock n Roll legend Brian Johnson's position in the band and even a new AC/DC album, a source close to the band has added fuel to the fire by revealing a massive tour is in the works.

According to US radio presenter Eddie Trunk the band will tour again and will be joined by Brian Johnson. Trunk also expects to see a new album in some shape or form.

The rumors are unconfirmed by the band themselves, but Trunk said:

I have sources that have told me that they are absolutely going to tour with Brian back again.

"That’s all unconfirmed from their camp, but I had it from some reliable sources.

Overnight an apparent AD/DC Tour poster was also leaked on social media. If the poster is legit, Cliff Williams will be back with AC/DC on the tour this year too.

Trunk went on to reveal details of AC/DC's new album:

“I think it’s pretty much a done deal that AC/DC, at the very least, are going to release some sort of record and it’ll be some sort of tribute to (late guitarist) Malcolm (Young), just like Back In Black was a tribute to Bon (Scott).

"So I have no doubt about that and I’m pretty confident they’re probably going to do shows as well, but I think at this point it’s pretty much just when they announce it.”

We hope you're right, Trunk.