Report: AC/DC 'will announce world tour' this week, new album a 'done deal'

AC DC 15/07/2019

AC/DC rumors have been coming thick and fast in the last 12 months, but this is perhaps the best one yet for Rock n' Roll fans.

According to reliable "sources" close to American radio station V-100, AC/DC will announce a world tour THIS week. Holy hecka.

Prior to this report in September 2018, Brian Johnson was spotted outside a recording studio with fellow AC/DC members. Then in January, Johnson confirmed he's back with the band and recording a new album, before a 2019 tour poster was allegedly leaked online.

Now, V-100 radio DJ Eddie Trunk has revealed: "I have sources that have told me that (AC/DC) are absolutely going to tour with Brian back again.

I think it's pretty much a done deal that AC/DC at the very least are going to release some sort of record and it'll be some sort of tribute to Malcolm (Young) just like Back in Black was a tribute to Bon (Scott).

In regards to a world tour, Trunk revealed: “Our sources are telling us that the band is set to announce a 2019-2020 World Tour next week (this week NZ time) on Wednesday. Another fun bit of info we’ve got for you is to answer all of your questions about Brian Johnson. Yes, he’s back with the band. It’s been rumored for months now that he’s been working with the band and we’ve been told those rumors are true.

"Brian has been working special in-ears made for his performances so that he can continue to perform without causing any more damage to his hearing than he already has. Our source is someone close with the AC/DC camp and we believe them to be a reliable source.”

The last time Johnson performed with AC/DC was back in February 2016.

Stay tuned this week to see if the rumors are true. We'll be watching this very closely.