WATCH: Limp Bizkit perform part of new song 'Wasteoid' live

Limp Bizkit 10/07/2019

Limp Bizkit have played a few snippets from a new song, rumored to be called "Wasteoid" during the band's latest performance in Paris.

Frontman Fred Durst confirmed fans were listening to "a little taste" of the band's sixth studio album at the start of the show. See fan-shot footage of the performance below.

"Yes, we're giving you a little taste of our new album right here," Durst said. "You understand now, right? You understand about that, right?"

In an interview last month, Durst said he was sitting on the new album until he feels comfortable.

"I'm waiting on the message," he said. "I'm waiting to truly feel and believe what I'm saying … if it means something to me, I can say it. If it doesn't, there's no reason for me to chalk it up and put it out."

But the new work sounds pretty good to us.