Jack Black and Jack White are officially doing a musical collaboration

music news 10/08/2019

According to Jack Black, Tenacious D - his rock duo with Kyle Gass - recently recorded a song with White Stripes leader and Raconteur Jack White.

Black made the announcement during a Tenacious D concert on Sunday 4th August. Confirming the fan-anticipated team-up, referred to by some fans as 'Jack Grey', Black said Tenacious D had made a pitstop at White's nearby home for a quick recording session. 

"Jack White," Black announced to the audience at one point during the band's performance at Ascend Amphitheater. "We went over to his house today and recorded a brand new song."

The result will be released via White's label, Third Man Records, Black added. Third Man is known for arranging one-off studio sessions and releasing limited vinyl singles with a wide array of artists.

But the prospective collaboration between the rockers gained steam two months ago when White, Black and Gass posed for a group photo inside a London airport that Tenacious D subsequently shared on social media. "We hired a new merch guy," the comedy-rock duo joked. Check it out below.