Tool's 'Fear Inoculum' is officially in 2019's top 10 highest selling albums

tool 25/09/2019

Tool made us wait 13 years for a new album, but when it finally arrived, it's proven to be a smash with rock fans all around the world.

Earlier this month, 'Fear Inoculum' kicked pop star Taylor Swift from #1 on the Billboard charts, then a week later it was revealed the album had the third-highest first week album sales of 2019.

So unsurprisingly it's now official that Tool's latest album is in the pure top 10 highest selling albums of 2019 in the US outright, according to chart data. 

Tool's new album sits in eighth place, just behind the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' soundtrack. It's a solid effort considering Tool's limited edition CDs sold out in markets across the globe, and they're still printing more to keep up with demand.

Pure album sales physical or digital album sales, excluding streams and radio play. In New Zealand, 'Fear Inoculum' also currently sits in eighth place in the album charts.

Take that, mainstream music.

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