Maynard shuts down 'rumours' of April release for new Tool album

Rock News 08/02/2019

Are you fucking serious? Or is Maynard stitching us up...again?

Last month, Tool drummer Danny Carey appeared on video and confirmed the band's long-awaited album would be coming out "in mid-April" - but with one Tweet, frontman Maynard James Keenan has thrown doubt over whether that's actually going to happen.

Maynard was asked by one fan if the 'rumors' about an April release were true, and he had a very clear response, "No."

To make things even more puzzling, Tool's website has been updated with a new animated video and graphics, hinting that a new album isn't far away.

In January, Maynard let fans know he'd completed final vocals 'MONTHS ago' - the last step in the band's recording process as the frontman only writes lyrics after drum, guitar and bass parts are 'at least 90 per cent done'.

So what does this all mean? Well, this is Tool, so anything is possible.

Maybe Danny Carey meant 2020? Maybe it will be out before April? Or perhaps Maynard is just having some fun stirring the rumor mill.

Either way, The 2006 release of Tool's last album 10,000 Days feels like a lifetime ago.

Time for new record and New Zealand tour, don't ya think, Maynard?