LISTEN: Serj Tankian and Dethklok members cover Blue Oyster Cult's 'Godzilla'

music news 28/04/2019

System of a Down's Serj Tankian has given Blue Oyster Cult's 'Godzilla' a modern makeover, working with soundtrack composer Bear McCreary, a full orchestra and Dethklok members Brendon Small and Gene Hoglan.

McCreary spoke to Rolling Stone about the cover, saying "[This is] perhaps the most audacious piece of music I have ever produced, jammed to the breaking point with orchestra, choir, taiko chanting, taiko drumming, heavy metal rhythm section, Gene Hoglan’s blistering double-kick drums, and Serj’s distinct vocals. It is complete musical madness."

Tankian added on Twitter: "Surprise!! So my friend composer Bear McCreary calls last year and says 'I have a crazy idea. Would you sing on the cover of Blue Öyster Cult’s 'Godzilla' for the film Godzilla: King of the Monsters?"

The score for the 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' film features 26 tracks, with the Serj cover leading. The movie is due out May 31st, with the soundtrack due out the week before on the 24th. 

Watch the official video for the track above.