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New Pearl Jam song "River Cross" featured in Super Bowl commercial

Vids 04/02/2020

We're guessing a lot of you missed this yesterday during the Super Bowl for two main reasons: 1) you probably didn't watch it (fair enough), and 2) we don't get the same ads as they do in America (makes sense).

But some keen ears have picked up that grunge icons Pearl Jam featured in a Super Bowl Commerical for Verizon, a wireless communications company, pushing their new 5G network.

It's the second piece of new music from the band's highly anticipated 11th studio album, Gigaton, due out 27 March. In the minute-long ad, all you can here is a slow, emotional build-up, before Eddie Vedder's vocals crash in at the end.

Again, not much to go off - but we'd imagine this will be the next single off the album.

Check out below for the first single off Gigaton, Dance of the Clairvoyants.