Korn could work on a covers album during lock-down

Music 06/05/2020

Korn have spoken about the idea of a full covers record before, and with most of the world in lock-down, the band may revisit the idea.

Speaking to Metal Hammer, guitarist Brian "Head" Welch was asked if 'Korn Kovers' would ever happen. He said, "we have five or six done, and Jonathan Davis was really hyped on the idea of doing unique covers – just something fun. So we need to get back into that frame of mind.

With this time off, that maybe could be a good idea – something to do while we’re at home.”

The band have been toying with the idea for a while. Last year, bassist Fieldy said he really liked "the idea of being able to buy a CD with just Korn covers", adding "so it's not like you're trying to make your band blow up off the back of a cover."

"But you never know how that works, because we did do Pink Floyd’s 'Another Brick in the Wall,' and that song turned out amazing." (It sure did).

Well, at least we know something's in the pipeline... we just don't know when this idea will become a reality.

Speaking of Korn, they recently posted a video of their 'The Nothing' album release show from last September. Only a limited amount of fans were lucky enough to go, but now you can watch it below.