Foo Fighters launch classic merch to mark their 25th anniversary

News 24/09/2020

Foo Fighters have launched a line of classic merch to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary.

The collection includes limited edition items such as shirts, hats, jackets and other memorabilia, to honour every album the band has released in the last 25 years.

The merch features "previously archived & new designs, artwork from album packaging or a re-imagination of existing art honoring each full length studio album & more!"

The website states that a lot of the items are limited, and "when they're gone, they're gone" - although more items will be continually added to the collection.

Along with dropping merch, Foo Fighters were set to celebrate their anniversary with the U.S. Van tour, where they were supposed to stop at the same cities as they did on their first tour in 1995. But surprise surprise, covid f**ked that up.

Check out the merch here