WATCH: Ozzy Osbourne drops new music video for 'It's a Raid'

Music 22/02/2021

Ozzy Osbourne has released a new music video for his song 'It's a Raid', from his latest album 'Ordinary Man.'

The animated video sees Ozzy and co-vocalist rapper Post Malone fleeing the police in a black-bat-muscle car, before following them into some sort of psychedelic realm. 

The video is based on a real raid that Black Sabbath accidentally got themselves into in 1972 when they were in LA recording their Vol.4 album. As reported by Planet Rock, Ozzy spoke to Sirius XM last year and explained: 

"We were recording Volume 4, and we'd rented this house in Bel Air to record this album. We had a pile of coke, a pile of pot on this f--kin' table. And I'm sitting there, great, Bel Air, sun shining, cocaine, booze, the f--kin' works. I’m thinking, 'F--k me, I’ve made it here!'

"So I’m sitting in this house and it’s f--kin' boiling hot, and so I go to these buttons on the wall and I go, 'Oh, must be the air conditioning.' I pressed the f--kin' button, and in about five minutes, four or five cop cars come screaming down the drive. I’m shouting, 'It’s a f--kin' raiiid!'

"So me and this roadie, we grab the big bowl of coke, and the pot, we go into the bathroom. I’m going, 'I can't f--kin' throw this!' and I'm going (makes snorting sounds). I'm gacked! And the door goes (knocking sound) "They've gone!" I had cocaine coming out my f--kin' ears! I didn’t sleep for four days after that!"

Helluva story. Check out the video up top.