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WATCH: Dead Favours, Sink Or Swim

Born from the post-apocalyptic earthquake ruins of Christchurch.....
13 December 2022 9:23AM

In what is becoming true Dead Favours fashion, the band have dropped a hilarious new video for their latest single ‘Sink Or Swim’, a lighthearted throwback to the classic wrestling era in which the band face a rigorous training montage and do battle against the ‘Fantastical Ninja Force’, played by the bands kids and friends.

Following on from their last effort ‘Move On’, the video was shot, directed and edited again by Swap Gomez and The Umbrella Collective and has proven to be a winning collaboration yet again.

Sink Or Swim is the first single off the bands ‘Riffing & Yelling Side B’ EP, produced again by Chris Mac (Six60) and is the follow up to Side A which saw Dead Favours take home the Aotearoa Music Award for Best Rock Act in 2021.

The band have been writing and recording the follow up to Side A across the legendary Revolver Studio in Waiuku and Six60’s own studio in central Auckland, taking their time to perfect the songs after they had originally planned to record it in the second half of 2021, right as New Zealand was hit hit by the second big lockdown.

Side B is now in the final stages of production and scheduled for release in April 2023.