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Sandtrap - Dividing For The Hungry

Check out 'Dividing For The Hungry' here.
27 October 2023 3:32PM

The musicians Jimi Terei (drums), Kainoa Ogilvie (vocals), Luca Keltie (bass), and Luke Bennett (guitar) from Auckland, New Zealand, form the band Sandtrap.

The band primarily performs indie rock that feels nostalgic and familiar while being fresh and unique. In 2020, Sandtrap placed third nationally in Smoke-Free Rockquest, a nationwide music event.

Colder Moments comprises a selection of songs written over five years. In a way, Colder Moments chronicles the progression of our songwriting style and musical influences.

Lyrically, it dabbles within the realms of love and worries for the future. Instrumentally, the album pulls primarily from indie and alternative rock albums released throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Check out 'Dividing For The Hungry' up top!